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PLAYLIST - God's take on some recent pop hits

Many of us are listing to less radio & pulling up our own playlists on our devices... choosing what we'll listen to & what messages we think are worth putting to music. In coming weeks I've done the same with some songs you may/may not know. Come & join us as we'll be playing during my message, after which I'll share how God's word makes these songs more than just some ditty people hum along to while they drive or play in the background at home.

EXPERIENCING GOD - not just a 'Sunday thing"

Throughout the Fall, we're 'stretching ourselves' to have closer encounters with God BEYOND church walls. I admit it - I've been (gladly) called a 'Presbycostal pastor'... because I actually believe God's Spirit lives with & through us every moment of every day. Want more of that kind of experience? Then journey with us this Fall... & beyond!


You're not alone. Whether you've been walking with God for a lifetime or just awhile, there are times any sane person has questions for God... or about God. I WORK for him and have times like that! In times like those, not only can God handle our questions, but He offers timeless truths we can trust. I can't wait for our July-August Sundays as we bring our doubt before God - and discover he can HANDLE them (& us).